Welcome to hostel Churayado Cocochan in Ishigaki island, Okinawa, Japan. Good for a solitary journey and couple, family and group
Scubadiving, snorkeling, rent a car and so on are available.

hostel in Ishigaki island,Okinawa Churayado Cocochan

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 Churayado Cocochan

Welcome to Churayado Cocochan in Ishigaki,Okinawa

youth hostel

Welcome to hostel Churayado Cocochan in Ishigaki , Okinawa, the coolest youth hostel in Ishigaki, where we combine an excellent attention and service with the most accessible rates. Hosted by travelers that know exactly what are you looking for in a hostel, Ishigaki hostel Churayado Cocochan's staff is looking forward to make your stay a great experience so you feel sure and comfortable... just like at home!!! This is the perfect place for you to meet travelers from all around the world with a friendly atmosphere, Our comfortable and friendly hostel offers you twinroom and apartment. All the rooms have an airconditioner to keep comfortable.

☆☆☆  Cocochan  ☆☆☆


facilities : bath / shower toilet(bidet) / kitchen / laundry / pc /

internet / Wi-Fi / fridge / thermos / microwave /

toaster / rice cooker / vacuum / hair dryer / shampoo rinse /

coffee / sanshin / parking / pet hotel


service : credit card / information / rent-a-car / rent-a-bike / autobike /

excursion / taxi / scuba diving / fishing / golf / newspaper(japanese) /


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