Welcome to hostel Churayado Cocochan in Ishigaki island, Okinawa, Japan. Good for a solitary journey and couple, family and group
Scubadiving, snorkeling, rent a car and so on are available.

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Please enjoy Ishigaki's beautiful coral filled sea. where is a famous and popular place for the sea we met manta rays in. There is plenty of tropical fish. You should try scubadiving or snorkeling. Feel the nature and get many happy memories.

Recommended tour by Churayado Cocochan


We guide it to the place by which you are impressed. We take you to the place to which the tourist doesn't go. It is a place where nature in the subtropics can be felt beautiful.

Sightseeing in Ishigaki island


Ishigakijima is the most populous island in Yaeyama islands. The heartland of politics, economy, and circulation there. It is possible to go from Ishigakijima to islands by the speedy craft. There is a lot of nature in the subtropics, and you can feel the sea breeze.

Sightseeing around Yaeyama islands


Yaeyama has walked in a way that is valuable, different from the main Okinawa island and Miyakojima though it is small islands. The number of tourists in Ishigakijima during year is said that about 700,000 people go and about 400,000 people go to the Taketomi island. Recently, Yaeyama is popular as a stage of the TV drama.

Marine sports


We guide you to the happy world. Because the sea of Ishigakijima is very beautiful, it is the best for any marine sports. Banana boat, jet ski, and fishing, etc.You are satisfied all. It is safe, and try the beginner, please.

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